The notes in these pages were originally written at the request of my children when they were seven and six.

We had followed some reading schemes, but nothing that went right through the Scriptures without missing out any parts.

The result was that in the next six years, we went through the whole Bible. I wrote notes so that there was continuity when I was away on business.

I have begun to publish them on the web with the prayer that they might encourage other to take the time to go through the whole Scriptures.

Please excuse the many mistakes that still exist, and feel free to use the notes, edit them for your own use, or contact me with any suggestions that you may have.

I am currently editing them further and would value any comments which you may have.

I have now uploaded an updated version for the Gospels and Pentateuch. Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or updates that you wish me to consider.

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