When I was born in the city of Toronto my parents had been working in the province of Quebec as missionaries for about 3 years.  My mothers parents lived in Toronto hence my mothers inclination to be close to her mother for my birth.

We lived in Lake St. John, Quebec area for a short period and then moved to Montreal. As a child we had Bible reading three times a day along with prayer after each meal.  We attended services in French in Montreal, Valleyfield, and Farnham where the Lord blessed the preaching of the gospel.Often in our modest home before the assembly was formed in Valleyfield, anywhere from 10-15 believers would join us (eventually 6 children and mom and dad)  for dinner after the B. of B. held in Montreal.  We were educated under the Protestant Public School system in English and my father had a deep interest in seeing his family hear the gospel in English.   Thus on most Sunday evenings we would be found at the Ogilvey Ave. Gospel Hall Gospel Meeting.

When dad was away preaching mother would take us by street car and bus to the Sun. evening meeting. All of the above made a deep impression on me.  The truths of the Bible were real to my little mind.  Heaven, hell, sin and judgment and the sacrifice of Christ were plainly set before me in the home and assembly meetings and seeing the fruits and reality of Christianity every day was a loud voice to me.

At the English gospel meeting I would sit about 2 rows from the front along with my younger brother.

One evening with a deep sense that I was a sinner who was perishing,  at the close of the meeting the Lord and I had a talk. I,  with bowed heart told the Lord I was just a sinner that was lost and
needed to be saved from hell.  Apparently the second speaker had been preaching from John 3:16.  My only recollection of the occasion was that I thanked the Lord that He had died for me, the whosoever in John 3:16.   

That moment I knew I was saved.  Immediately in the ride home in the car I told my father I was saved in the gospel meeting.  Very wisely he did not press me with questions. Rather, as I began to ascend the stairs to my bedroom dad asked, are you going to tell your mother about what happened in the gospel meeting?  From that moment I can recall only one fleeting moment of doubt regarding my salvation.  Coming home from High School I found the house completely empty. A great fear overtook me and with it the thought the Lord has come and you are left behind!   I said fleeting, because I then thought and said to myself, "how ridiculous!".  The Lord Jesus has paid for my sin and I will not be left behind at the coming of the Lord. (period)  My folks are away somewhere and will be back shortly.  And it came to pass that my parents returned. :-)

For a number of good reasons we moved to Huntsville, Ontario when I was 14 years of age.  The move proved a blessing in many ways and all six children have made profession of salvation. Four of six are in assembly fellowship to the honour and glory of the Lord.

Trusting my little story will be an encouragement to all you "locals" to continue to preach the Word.  You never know, some little sinner may trust the Saviour and live to prove it.

Albert the saved sinner from Ontarioooooooooo

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