Water of Life

I was raised in a Christian home my parents were in the assembly so I heard much Gospel preaching. Many times I wanted to be saved but was never able to . My Parents took me to a Conference and there I heard a man who was a Commander of a war ship tell about a time His ship was torpedoed. The order was given to abanden the ship. All jumped overboard except one man who said he could not swim. They tried to persuade him to take hold of a rope and swing away from the ship which he did but he would not let go so he went down with the ship. At that moment The Holy Spirit said to me For The Son of Man came to seek and to Save the Lost. For the first time in my life I found out I was lost.So I laid hold on Luke 19:10 and received forgiveness of my sins. That was Jan. 3 1943 and it is SWEETER AS THE DAYS GO BY.


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